Facial Rejuvenation (Injectables)

Facial Rejuvenation (Injectables)

Wrinkle Relaxers

Anti-wrinkle injections are provided at Sculpting Surgery.

Anti wrinkle injections are mainly used for treating frown and forehead lines and lines around the eyes (crow’s feet).

Mr Timms will discuss your concerns with you and, in consultation with you, decide which product would provide the best results.

At Sculpting Surgery we only use a brand that has a trusted heritage of quality and is supported by clinical data. It is well known for delivering results with precision and predictability.

Dermal Fillers

Our facial lines become deeper over time due to volume loss as we age. Exposure to the sun and smoking can also have this effect. Sculpting Surgery provides dermal fillers that can balance and refresh the appearance of your face and enhance positive facial features.

We use a range of dermal fillers produced by a global leader in facial aesthetics. These products have a smooth consistency which achieves a natural look and feel and can last from 1-2 years.

Please contact our rooms to discuss your needs with Mr Timms’ staff and organise an appointment for consultation with Mr Timms.

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