Double Chin Treatments

Double Chin Treatments

For the treatment of neck fat

We are not, unfortunately, given much of a choice on how and where our bodies store fat. Sometimes, no matter how well we monitor our diet or try to lead a healthy lifestyle, genetics will predispose us to stubborn and unsightly fat deposits. For many people, this includes fat under the chin – usually called a ‘double chin’.

Thankfully, there is now a safe, non-surgical option available for people who are concerned with a double chin and would like to improve their chin profile by eliminating the fat stored in this area.

How do double chin treatments work?

The active ingredient used in double chin treatments is synthesised deoxycholic acid. It is a naturally occurring substance within our bodies that helps break down dietary fat. When this substance is injected under the chin, it reduces the fat in this area, resulting in a more contoured neck and jaw profile.

Do double chin treatments have side effects?

Double chin treatments are generally well tolerated. However, the most common side effects include swelling, bruising, discomfort and some numbness. These usually resolve 2-7 days post-treatment.

Do double chin treatments require downtime?

Treatment sessions average 20-30 minutes in duration and you can return to your daily routine as soon as you leave the clinic. However, swelling and redness can occur while the treatment is taking effect. We recommend you wear a support garment and consider possibly having the treatment when you have few social commitments (or none).

Noticeable improvement is usually seen in 2-4 treatments. We recommend that all patients have a minimum of two treatments to ensure significant aesthetic results.

Once desired results are achieved, no subsequent treatment is required.

Treatment effects are expected to last up to four years.

Postoperative Care


You will wake after your surgery with dressings over your surgical site/s. Depending on the nature of the procedure you may also wake up with drainage tubes coming from your surgical site. These are removed with little discomfort when Dr Timms feels they are ready to be removed after your surgery. Nurses looking after you are trained to ensure that your recovery is smooth and that you are as comfortable as possible postoperatively. Our clinic nurse is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have whether you are recovering at home or within the hospital setting.

Dr Timms undertakes regular ward rounds, so he will be monitoring you very closely postoperatively.

Your anaesthetist will have prescribed medication for you to keep you comfortable – you will have pain relief medication prescribed for you for discharge also.


An appointment will be made for you to be reviewed by Dr Timms nurse in the rooms 7-10 days after your surgery. This appointment is usually arranged for you at your consultation appointment with Dr Timms. Sometimes it is arranged by the nursing staff that discharge you from hospital. This depends on the nature of your procedure and the duration of your stay in hospital.


A soft surgical grade compression garment is usually indicated for breast, body and some facial procedures. These garments are to be worn for 24/7 for six weeks and can be removed for showering. These are specialised garments and we will advise you where to purchase these garments, how to wear the garments and what type you require when you book your procedure with Dr Timms. Many garments are claimable via your private health insurance depending on your level of cover and whether your procedure is medical or cosmetic.


You will need to be prepared to avoid driving for a period of anywhere between 1-3 weeks post surgery. The duration of this time depends on the nature of your surgery, medications you are taking for pain relief and your level of confidence behind the wheel post-surgery. It is advisable that you refrain from heavy lifting and strenuous exercise for 6 weeks.

Most activities can be recommenced after your 6 week review with Dr Timms.

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