Non-Surgical Treatments

Many aesthetic concerns can be effectively addressed with simple, non-surgical options.

As we age, our lifestyle, environment and genetics increasingly show their effects on our skin. For many people, surgery may not be the preferred option – or necessary at all – to help resolve these signs of ageing and aesthetic concerns.

Dr Timms and his qualified staff have professional, medical expertise in providing advanced, non-invasive solutions. Our industry-leading products and technologies are carefully chosen for their safety, effectiveness and natural-looking results.

Non-Surgical treatments include:

Natural beauty

At Dr Ian Timms’ Clinic, we encourage a ‘natural look’. Our treatments aim to achieve a rejuvenated look, which will refresh and accentuate your natural beauty, with as little evidence of obvious treatment as possible.

The Total Face Approach

A complimentary care plan for you…

A number of complex, interacting factors contribute to the way you look, including skin ‘fullness’ and the action of underlying muscles. Often, addressing a single factor alone will not produce the best aesthetic results.

Dr Timms’ highly specialised nurse offers a complimentary Total Face Approach consultation and treatment plan to all patients. The Total Face Approach examines all of these factors and formulates a total treatment plan – specifically for you.

In consultation with Dr Timms and the registered nurse injector, we will discuss your aesthetic concerns and desired outcome, and develop a tailored plan of wrinkle relaxers and dermal filler treatments just for you. We consider at every point the timeframe and cost which are most comfortable for you.

To take advantage of this complimentary service and book a Total Face Approach consultation, please contact us.

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