Meet the Team

Welcome to the Surgical Practice of Dr Ian Timms

Dr Ian Timms and his team are based in Subiaco in Perth, Western Australia. We offer a range of specialist procedures in a supportive and compassionate environment.

We are passionate about providing the highest standard of care to all of our patients. Dr Timms has personally selected a team of highly qualified staff who are friendly, knowledgeable and credentialed to deliver the best possible experience for our clients.

Respect, empathy and confidentiality are central to the care we provide. We do everything we can to meet the needs of our patients, both surgical and non-surgical, starting from a warm welcome through to comprehensive, personalised post-operative care.

Meet the team

Practice Manager – Mel Rowe

Mel has a post-graduate degree in social work at the University of Western Australia and worked at Royal Perth Hospital in general medicine and the Department of Child Protection and Family Reunification for several years prior to starting her own family.

In 2008, Mel helped Dr Ian Timms establish his practice. She enjoys the challenge of keeping the day running smoothly for Dr Timms and his patients.

Mel enjoys seeing patients, both pre- and post-operatively and provides continuous care for all patients who visit the practice.

Mel feels privileged to be part of the journey she shares with patients under Dr Timms’ care. Her kind, gentle manner makes her very approachable and likeable. She is easy to communicate with and takes pride in the quality of care she gives her patients.

Mel plays a key role in ensuring the smooth running of Dr Timms practice, attending to procedure and theatre bookings, providing costing for surgical procedures in a timely manner for all patients, support in pre- and post-operative queries and concerns, and liaising with other specialist doctors in order to ensure well-planned procedures for Dr Timms’ patients.

In her spare time, Mel loves spending time with her family and friends, cooking, socialising and keeping fit with walking their dogs and yoga.

Medical Secretary – Carmel Gee

Carmel brings over 16 years’ experience to her role as a medical secretary.

Carmel has a warm, approachable manner and undertakes her role with the utmost respect and professionalism. She is responsible for the warm greeting you always receive at the surgery, as well as scheduling appointments, co-ordinating admission into hospitals for patients, and arranging operating schedules and details related to patient procedures.

She also has excellent communication skills and often goes above and beyond to assist any patient who may have any concerns or queries in order to provide them with reassurance. Her friendly and caring nature, along with her dedication and excellent organisational skills, ensures the smooth running of the practice.

In her free time, Carmel loves to spend time with her family travelling, sewing, keeping active and fit, and she also loves to cook.

Fran Saccoccio – Registered Clinical Nurse & Cosmetic Nurse Injector

Fran feels privileged to have been working as a nurse for 26 years. Her nursing career began as an Enrolled Nurse working at Royal Perth Hospital (RPH) while obtaining her Bachelor of Health Science – Nursing.

She graduated and obtained a two-year post-graduate course at RPH, gaining experience in acute trauma, orthopaedics, spinal and head injury trauma, facio-maxillo trauma, ENT plastic and reconstructive surgery and burns.

This experience led her to her passion, specialising in plastic and reconstructive surgery and she has remained in this field for the past 24 years.

Fran is dedicated to delivering care to all patients in her care and over the years she has developed a particular passion for caring for women undergoing treatment for Breast Cancer.

Nursing has also allowed Fran to travel and work at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London and King Edward VII’s Hospital in London.

During the course of her nursing career, Fran has also obtained a Certificate III & IV – Training and Assessment, which has allowed her to teach nursing students. She has worked at a number of universities and hospitals around Perth teaching upcoming nurses.

In addition, she has obtained a Certificate III & IV – Health and Fitness as she embraces the importance of holistic self-care and health promotion. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge with those seeking advice on how to become the best versions of themselves and how keeping fit and healthy can aid in the healing process.

In the latter years of her nursing experience, she also gained extensive experience in aesthetic cosmetic treatments and has undertaken many facial aesthetic rejuvenation courses with leading world-class clinicians. Ten years of experience in this area of nursing have allowed her to accumulate a wealth of knowledge in this very specialised field. She takes pride in enabling women to empower themselves to enhance their already existing beautiful features.

Fran is proud to work alongside and under the guidance of Dr Ian Timms. His expert knowledge and empathetic manner allow her to provide clients with authentic care, whether it be pre or postoperative or for aesthetic purposes resulting in effective, subtle and natural results.

As a Cosmetic Nurse Injector, Fran is a firm advocate of the ‘natural look’. Fran aims to bring out each client’s unique beauty and boost their self-confidence. A proactive and positive mindset is central to this approach, and she continues to prove with each consultation that by nurturing ourselves inside and out, we can embrace our natural beauty at any age.

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