Breast Implant Review Service

Breast Implant Review Service

If you are considering having a Breast Augmentation, it is important that you place your care and wellbeing in the hands of a Specialist Plastic Surgeon such as Dr Ian Timms.

There has been much recent discussion, especially in the media about the importance of staying safe and understanding the long term benefits and potential complications associated with Breast Surgery involving Breast Implants.

If you have had surgery overseas and are not sure what implants you have in place, or if you have had surgery with another surgeon but are not pleased with your result, please contact us to arrange a consultation with Dr Timms.

It is not always necessary to have your implants removed or replaced and there are only a few reasons to indicate this.

Dr Timms will be happy to discuss your concerns with you and provide you with his specialist advice on the treatment or review of your implants and/or past surgery.

It is very important that you regularly self-check your breasts and report any changes to your GP as soon as they are noticed.

the answer to those looking for re-surgery?

Revision Surgery

If you are unhappy with a procedure you’ve received from another surgeon we are happy to consult and let you know, the best way to correct those procedures using Dr Timm’s excellent surgical expertise.

“Nothing makes me happier than the confident smile, my patients give me, when they see their results”

Dr Ian Timms

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