Your Appointment with Dr Ian Timms

Your Appointment with Dr Ian Timms


Dr Timms typically undertakes two consecutive consultations with any patients considering cosmetic or reconstructive surgery. Consultations are undertaken in Dr Timms consultation rooms in Subiaco.

Your initial consultation can last up to an hour or longer, depending on your needs. During the initial consultation, Dr Timms will also take the time to explain any associated risks for the proposed treatment or surgery and will encourage you to ask questions and take the time to consider your best options.

Your second consultation will usually be quite brief, lasting about 30 minutes, in which you can discuss any concerns and clarify your expectations for the pre- and post-operative phases of your surgery.

Your consultations are your time. Based on overwhelmingly positive feedback from our patients, we have refined our approach to ensure you feel as comfortable and informed as possible before making any decisions.

Your consultations with Dr Timms are intended to allow you to discuss your desired outcomes and concerns, and to give you all of the information you need to feel relaxed and in control. Your medical assessment and care plan will be tailored to your individual requirements, with clear support at every step.

Most importantly, there is never any pressure to undertake a procedure unless you feel completely confident and happy with the information you have received.


Dr Timms will need to undertake measurements and photographs of the area where your surgery will be performed. This will allow for planning of surgical care and provide a baseline for comparison.

In addition, for patients considering undertaking breast augmentation surgery, the 3D Vectra Imaging System will be used. This system generates a full three-dimensional rendering of the breasts, which can be used in consultation with Dr Timms to help you choose the appropriate size and shape of implants.

All photographic material of any patient is kept private and in strict confidence. You will be required to sign a consent form prior to any photographic material being taken.


Dr Timms undertakes surgical procedures from three leading hospitals in Perth:

  • Hollywood Private Hospital
  • The Mount Hospital
  • West Leederville Private Hospital
  • Cambridge Day Surgery
  • SJOG Hospital Subiaco

On occasion, he is able to perform very minor procedures within his consulting rooms.

Immediately following your surgery, Dr Timms will consult with you before you are discharged home. This is so that he can monitor and assess your recovery and answer any questions that you may have regarding the post-operative recovery phase of your procedure.

If you are staying in hospital overnight or longer, Dr Timms will see you on a daily basis to closely monitor your progress.


We are always happy to provide financial information to patients regarding all planned procedures. A full quote is generally emailed to patients within 24 hours following their first consultation.

Post Operative Care

Our team at Sculpting Surgery provide a thorough after care service to help you feel safe and supported during your post operative period. We have nursing staff on duty every day and if you have any questions or concerns, we would prefer that you contact us at anytime, as often as required.

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